A9433D | 60 CAPSULES   
  • - A Unique Full Spectrum Enteric Coated ProBiotic Formula.
  • - Contains 10 Billion Strains of Good Bacteria At Time Of Manufacture From 8 Important Probiotic Strains.
Includes 10 Billion Organisms At Time Of Manufacture.
Coated For Maximum Absorption.
Added Prebiotics To Enhance Bifidobacteria

Total Premier ProBiotic is enteric coated for maximum protection from stomach acids.

This amazing formula is a completely shelf stable probiotic that requires no refrigeration.

Our Total Premier ProBiotic is one of the finest and most powerful Probiotic formulas available today!

Premier Probiotic contains 10 billion organisms at time of manufacture. Derived from 8 strains for maximum effectiveness. We have also added important prebiotic factors.
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